Our land, our passion... Our land, our passion... Our land, our passion... Our land, our passion...

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Our philosophy

EVOO & Health

More than 100 factors and chemical ingredients are examined in Goutis Estate Olive Oil so as to guarantee the quality and the healing characteristics that oleocanthal, oleacein, oleuropein and other phenolic antioxidants exist in high levels.

Goutis Estate

The Miraculous Pungent Effect

The intensity of pungent and bitter in Extra Virgin Olive Oil can indicate directly the degree of its healthy value. This is a unique property for a food product. Our series of Extra Virgin Olive Oils have the just-right intensity of pungent: High enough to get the health effect but not excessive to become annoying to the consumer.

Goutis Estate

About taste

De gustibus et coloribus
disputandum non est


Terroir determines our olive
oils character and their
exquisite taste

Goutis Estate

Goutis Estate Stages of Excellence





Our story

I was born in a country where I can still see the sacred olive tree of Plato, even if this tree which is thousands years old is now displayed only in the museum. I was born in a country for which the Nobel prize winner the poet Odysseus Elytis wrote: «If you take Greece apart, in the end you will be left with an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means that with these items you can rebuild Greece».

Olympia, Greece | Where our olive oil comes from

[…] I was missing the taste of the morning mist of the olive groves on the mountain. The one that goes away with the morning breeze and the first rays of the sun, leaving behind its health benefits which fill the olive with fruitful pleasures.

Awards 2020


Platinum award

Bitter Gray

Gold award

Bella Vista

Gold award

Sea Breeze

Gold award


Gold award


Gold award / Best of Greece

Bella Vista

Gold award


Gold award


Silver award

Bitter gray

Gold award

Our certificates

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