This unique blend derives from the olive trees of the Koroneiki variety and the Manaki variety harvested early in order to combine the strongest characteristics of these two cultivars. The olives from the Koroneiki variety are responsible for the strong taste while the olives from the Manaki variety provide a gentle and mild taste feeling. The combination provides delicate aromas and a full insisting mouthful.


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Distinct aromas of fresh herbs and green vegetables are synergizing with those of green almonds and freshly cut grass in order to create this characteristic and pleasing fruity odor. It holds a medium but distinguishable bitterness and pungency.

Perfect for everyday use. It is ideal to dress from Mediterranean Salads to grilled vegetables. Premium leaves a tasty and delicate aftertaste when used with various kinds of raw fish and sushi plates. Its best results can be tasted with a combination of tuna or salmon.

“De gustibus et coloribus disputandum non est”