Bella Vista

The olive trees of the Koroneiki variety are located in near distance of the picturesque village Kallithea, in a slightly inclined ground which faces Alfios River. The area has an excellent microclimate with exceptional air circulation and a little moisture which disappears with the currents of the valley and the first rays of the morning sun.


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Green fruity. Fragrances of citrus fruits, freshly cut grass, olive leaves and dry herbs of rosemary and oregano. Medium to strong bitter and spicy mouth feel. Well-balanced extra virgin olive oil. Very elegant and long lasting aftertaste. It stands above other Mediterranean olive oils.

Bella Vista is exactly what it takes to propel the taste of an exquisite black angus filet roasted on grill. Bella Vista creates a tasty yet delicate result when used in combination with a tuna tartar or a mackerel sashimi. For a special culinary treat, try organic vegetables on the grill with just Bella Vista sprinkled on top. Delicious!

“De gustibus et coloribus disputandum non est”